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Preview not working properly?

Hi all,

I deployed my website to Live to see what it would look like. The Live version seems to work, however, the Preview mode no longer works. The message keeps saying the app has been updated, please refresh. However, when I refresh, nothing happens.

Do I have to disconnect my domain for preview mode to work again?


@parkito I’m having the same Issue… Did you happen to figure this out?

hi @diggdang,
yes - so I had to un-deploy my website. So, go to Godaddy and remove the connections (just delete similar to how you set it up initially). It takes a few hours for it to disconnect completely, but, the preview mode is working fine now.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @parkito . I appreciate you getting back. I managed to fix it but I don’t know how! Hahaha! I tried doing sync over and over, then read something about going back in history to different spots to try and find what happened. I did this on Dev and on Live. Then, something fell into place and it was fine. I’d love to know the actual reason or fix, but for now, I’m glad it’s working. Thanks again or reaching out.