Just hooked up my domain. now i cant preview in dev

it seems to have deployed ok. but everytime i try to preview a page im working on, it goes to the index page. everything else seems to be normal except firefox still gives me the page loading gif even though the page is totally loaded. i did have to talk to namecheap this morning about some propagation issues and they said they were having some issues that they are working to resolve. any ideas? plz and ty

EDIT: so i just tried chrome and its doing the same thing. however, when i log in as a user then chrome doesnt redirect me (i can get to the preview of the page im working on. firefox still redirects me to the index page). i have the workflows set up to redirect to index if user isnt logged in but that wasnt an issue before hooking up my domain. #scratchinghead

update: operator error. had a javascript call that was timing out. doh!

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