Pricing Block Template

Hey Bubbleritos!

I want to share something that I just submitted to Bubble Templates (Just waiting on Bubble’s approval before it shows up) to see if anyone would be interested in it.

I made this pricing “block” for my own page NoCodeMinute and thought, maybe since I spent all of this time on it making it responsive, that someone else might want to use it for their own pages.

I am thinking of just charging $10 for the template and you would just buy it once and use it forever in any future apps that you want. I think this is a more than reasonable price but what do you think?

A lot of website have something very similar to this on their pages, I just threw my own twist on it.

Pricing GIF

Hope this helps!


Bubble just approved my template :tada:. If anyone is interested here is the info.

Go to Template Page:

Preview Page:

Hope this helps!