Pricing Question about API

Dear All,

I need to understand a bit more bubble pricing, I have built an application that basically does a lot of searches on the database and shows them into different groups as a aggregation or tables. Databases are on and through API on a custom server.

I dont have a lot of workflows that are tied with these database records, but these databases especially ones in API are pretty large.

Now my question is: if I just show data on front and dont use them on workflows this means I dont spend any WU on my end right ?

To anyone who can help here is the set up of the RG that is expensing most of the workflows on the API.

That RG is not using an API datasource… it’s searching your own database.

Create a hidden repeating group on your page (maybe in a popup) that runs Search for visits. Then, reference that repeating group’s list of Visits in the ‘Visit is in’. Currently, for each record in your user’s country between the relevant dates, you’re doing a search.

Yeah but anyways it counts as API. However I do not do anything with these data and it should be free I guess.

I can think of the ways to optimize that, but I did this country thing for when it scales up, for now it is just 1 country. Anyways, it generally searches around 245 visits (A week of visits and this is filtered on date picker default settings).

I dont think this should take me 7k WU per day with 2 users doing 245 visits this is my point I guess ?

Then each search is actually doing at least 245 searches… that’s why your WU usage is high…

What are you on about?


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