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Print Pro Plugin by Zeroqode

Hi, @ksaitow1!

As far as I can see from your screenshots, the popup appears which means that the settings are set to “ON”.

If the settings were set to “Off” you wouldn’t see this popup but sow a Print preview.



Please, check the settings carefully once again and give it another try! Hope this helps!

Zeroqode Team

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport,

I checked my settings again and “block pop up” is definitely off (see screenshot). I also closed Safari and cleared the cache. Same result. What version of iOS are you on (I am on 14.2.1)?

If you send me an email address, I can forward the email that includes a button that initiates this process on my bubble app - perhaps you can try using the app and see if you get the same result. Then we can further narrow in on the issue.

Really appreciate all of the help.


@ksaitow1, we checked on iOS 14.2 . Yes, sure, no problem, here is e-mail: [email protected] .

Great… email is on the way!

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Hey guys - this looks like something I’ve been looking for…

I’d need something that could be used for the following:

A) To generate a receipt in PDF-format after successful purchases (that will be emailed to the customer)

B) Generates an image (.jpg or .png) out of a group including dynamic inputs (like pictures, texts, etc.), which also can be downloaded by the user.

Is the plugin able to handle these tasks @ZeroqodeSupport?
Looking forward to your reply - thanks for your support.

Hello, @vonhertzen.jonas.
Thanks for reaching out, and please accept my apologies for the late reply :pray:

A) - you can try our Bubble Page to PDF plugin for this case:

B) - you can take a look at our Anything to Image plugin:

The Print Pro plugin does not allow saving the PDF file into the Bubble database and, as a result, you can’t send a PDF file to your client via email using this plugin, unfortunately. It does not allow generating image files from page elements.
But it does a great quality PDF document ready to be printed.

I hope it helps.
Feel free to ask more questions when you need.

Zeroqode Team

I’m having similar issues in that I can’t get dynamic data to print. Here is how the page looks on the screen.

When it prints, though…

Only the non-dynamic button text prints. Any suggestions?

I’ve made your agency a collaborator on my site. Thanks!

Hello, @rick4 . Thanks for reaching out.
Apologies for the late reply. :pray:

I’ve just previewed your print page and it’s a bit confusing because it is blank. I’ve tried running as different DB users or checking the visibility conditions of the page content - no luck. Can you please advise how can I reproduce the case you’ve faced on the print page?

Zeroqode Team

Thank you for looking. You need to hit a hidden button on schedule_test to make it work (sorry – got frustrated and just hid everything to wait out a reply).

Try going to:

That should have enough data on there to give you an idea of what’s going on.



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@rick4 ,

Thanks for the details. I’ve created a test page in your app (zq) where I tried to run the plugin’s action after clicking the button, not on the page load, plus converting only one cell of your repeating group - it seems to work perfectly:

I suppose the plugin can’t convert big repeating groups without the quality/dynamic data and other issues fastly. Adding pauses before the next action won’t help here too (I’ve tested it).

I will ask my colleagues about this moment (the plugin can not convert nicely RG with a lot of data at once), perhaps we can find a solution or fix for it. Meanwhile, I can recommend you using my method - convert one RG cell per user/try.

P.S.: I hope you don’t mind if we will use the test page for the issue investigation process. I promise not touching any other pages, except the test page I’ve created. :slightly_smiling_face:

Zeroqode Team

@rick4 ,

We have done an additional investigation of your case and it revealed that the issue is not in the plugin, but in the setup you have. We recommend you place the image file behind the other elements you have in the repeating group, this way:

In this case, the image element and dynamic data will be present on the result PDF page with no issue. The only thing you need to adjust here - is the position of the dynamic (text) elements inside the repeating group.

Hope it helps.
Zeroqode Team

Absolutely! We’re much closer now. Can you help me figure out how to not have the dynamic text drift from page to page? It looks fine on the webpage, but when you print, the dynamic text fields drift up and up more with each page:

Page 2 webpage:

Page 2 Print:

It just gets worse from page to page. Actually - any guidance you can give on how to format the webpage so it will print correctly would be appreciated.

@rick4 ,

I’m afraid, I can not provide any suggestions on this matter. The easiest way here seems to be - simply recreate a repeating group from the image you have. It should be more responsive and accurate for printing with dynamic values.

Zeroqode Team