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Repeating group and printing

i want to do this data by repeating group
2.generate pdf of no.1
3.print it

but, please look at this

The last line of page1 is cut off lengthwise.
how can i solve this
i have no idia,

Simplest way would be to manually shrink it.

Alternatively, depending on your specific situation, you could try to limit the repeating group to the number of entries that will fit on the first page.

For example, if you know 30 entries will fit on a page, you could have a repeating group with items#1 to 30. Then have a second repeating group inside a group, hidden by default, with items #31 to 60. With a conditional set on the group that if items:count >30, show group.

Depending on the print plugin you are using, you can set page breaks between the groups so they will start at the top of the next page.

Thanks for yor reply

This will be printed everyday and entries are not same the other day.

So, someday will fit with 30 entries, but the other day will not wit with 30 entries.

I understand now. This is very challenging. I’ve had similar fit-to-page issues with repeating groups.

While I do not have an elegant solution, here are a couple of things I did that may help in your situation.
#1 - character limit the input. By doing this you can avoid the large text that expands the field and causes the 30 entries to not fit.
#2 - set conditional to shrink the size of the text based on the number of characters. This can be used in tandem with #1 above. Maybe you have a hard limit of 500 characters, then you have 3 conditionals in sequence. 1st one = if #characters > 200, font size = 12. if > 300, font size =10, and so on. It’s basically trial and error.
#3 - set the limit of page 1 repeating group to a number of items (1-30, or whatever), such that there is a good bit of margin at the bottom of page 1 if there are no long entries. That way, if you have some longer entries, you have some “margin for error” so to speak. Once you get this right, you just copy and past to page 2 and set the repeating group to the next cohort of items (i.e. 31-60), inside a hidden collapsable group, with a condition to display if items > 30, as mentioned before.

Good luck.

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