Printing in Bubble

Still learning the application here and seeing if it is a good fit for my future projects…

By the way, I love the Bubble idea. Very cool and way ahead of everybody else! Just trying to figure out how I can do the essential things I am doing now in my old system using Bubble methodology.

So, how one prints multiple pages in Bubble directly? Sure, I see that one can just create a page and user can print using the browser menu. That is fine.

But from now one, when I talk about “print” or “printing” I mean this:

(a usable function/event that one can call programmatically (and recursively) to send a page to it)

Here are two examples:

  1. Screen display a list of names with addresses based on a search.
  2. User clicks on “Print Label for All”
  3. Program prints a label for each of the addresses shown on screen

Here is another example:

  1. Users create one single letters/form at a time sequentially and save them to a queue.
  2. Users go to the queue and hit “Print All” button
  3. All the letters/forms are printed in one shot (with their corresponding label.)

How have you dealt with it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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We haven’t had such request from users so far. Are you trying to generate a pdf? Not sure a website can print something, but it can certainly open a pdf that users can print.

Not in this case. For each of the records in the queue, as the program goes through each of them, it would generate a label or a form that should go directly to a printer, or bring the dialog (once) to allow user to choose which printer to print.

I can see that Bubble could probably create a label/form and send to a page, but the user does not really want to see a form appear on the screen with dozens of labels in them so he/she can print. The user just wants this information going to the printer.

Many websites print forms. It would be ideal to generate pdf format, so when a form prints it is as expected.

A serious business website must be able to print “things” - like summaries, pictures on a page, tickets, transactions receipts.

Printing forms would require a header, body and footer. The body would bridge pages, while the header and footer might only appear once or on each page.

Having capable print functions and a few other abilities would change this product from a niche program to a mainstream programming tool used by a hundred million people.

Another function needed is to get feedback on hover (MouseOver) Event as to the (X,Y) coordinates, so that when over an irregular picture, the program could memorize what part of a picture is there. e.g. One places a picture of a face in an image box. Then I divide the picture into a 20x20 grid with 400 little boxes. Then I program a response for each grid square…like x,y = 5,7 = the right eye. So I respond to user when they click on any grid box over the right eye.

Currently I will have to place many boxes with invisible edges on the photo for each item. These invisible shape rectangle have to be layer’d to get a good fit for the picture parts. This is very difficult and not particularly accurate. Also, I will have to make a different page for every single photo depicted. If a data table (Type) memorized the photo name and grid points, it can look up from the same image box any photo placed in it.


I am fairly certain someone has used Blockspring to create a PDF.


What about tickets? This is the standard solutions that businesses, such as restaurants, use to make transactions with their customers. currently there is a solution to print a pdf, but what about a more ticket like format? It would be awesome

Hi Juan, this exists today, maybe @jarrad 's plugins will help you , or he could potentially do something custom for you.

I have fiddled enough with PDF’s in bubble to know that for someone fresh it probably pays off to get a plugin to do the job.

Also, you may want to check out the bubble plugin directory if there are any alternatives.

Best of luck.

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Which plugin does it refer to?