Print multiple PDFs from within app

I have an app that outputs multiple PDFs which the user can then download as a zip file. Though a user can print these PDFs after downloading them, the procedure is a bit hairy for them (i.e., they need to extract PDFs from Zip folder, open their local print queue and drag the documents to it). Way too complicated for my user clientele.

What I really need is to allow the user to select his/ her local printer from within my app and then click a button that prints all PDFs in succession. Can’t find any Plug-ins that addresses this.

Any ideas?


Since posting my original question, I installed the Merge PDF Plug-in. I then created an ‘On Page Load’ workflow that takes all of the PDFs and merges them into one PDF document. Now the user can simply download one consolidated document using ‘File Download’ and print. No zip file containing many PDFs to unpack. It works!!

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Hey Tom,
How did you get your app to generate pdfs? Was user intervention required.

Hey Prograds,

So I use a Plug-in called Advanced Export to PDF to iterate through a series of documents I want to convert to PDFs. I then store these PDF URLs as a list in my database.

Once all of my PDFs are created, I then use another Plug-in called Merge PDF to consolidate the individual PDFs into a single scrollable PDF which is print ready.

Everything happens automatically - no user involvement except to click a download button.

On a separate note, are you new to Bubble or have you been working with Bubble for some time now? If the latter, I am trying to bring together a small group of people like us who can periodically meet via Zoom and share our knowledge and exchange ideas Would you be interested?

Good luck to you, and let me know if you need more information.