Printing Receipts via PDF (Need help on best UX solution)

Hi! I’m trying to create a POS system. I’m figuring out how to best create the “printing receipt” UX. Can anyone share their experience, plugins or recommended best practices?

My question: What would be the best solution to create this “printing receipt” experience for a front desk?

My context / pre-requisite:

  1. I already have a receipt-printing device that can print PDFs (on carbon paper) which are viewed through a webpage (e.g. Chrome). This I’ve checked and it’s possible.
  2. It means if I can generate PDFs from Bubble and view them on a browser, I can print receipts.

What I think I need (can be wrong) for the optimal UX:

  1. User click “Print receipt” and Bubble generates PDF automatically
  2. The PDF can be generated from a page (convert page to PDF - less ideal) or from a workflow with predetermined fields ad setting (more ideal, no need to create another page to be converted to PDF)
  3. Chrome automatically opens a new tab that shows the PDF.
  4. User clicks print in Chrome, selects the printing device and prints out the receipt.

What I DON’T need.

  1. Save PDF in Bubble
  2. Save PDF in the device (e.g. mobile phone or laptop)
  3. PDFs get downloaded automatically into the device.
  4. User needs to click on the downloaded PDF to view in Google Chrome.
  5. Print the webpage instead of PDF (The device in my context#1 provides smoother experience when printing PDF).
  6. Store PDF in another app and print through that app instead.

Thank you. Really appreciate your time reading and answering this :slight_smile:


I’m looking for something similar, I would like it so that when once the print button is clicked in bubble there is no other popups like a new page as you suggested. I have been looking into PrintNode
but there is a cost.