Printing Repeating Group (Fixed Cell Height)

I’m curious if anyone has found a solution to this need.

What is needed?
I’m wanting to print a repeating group as one cell per page.

What is the problem?
The problem is even if i format the repeating group within a page sized group, it will scroll just a bit at the top of each corresponding printed page. I wish we could set a fix cell height.

Why is this needed?
This is needed for reporting reasons. When I have a user run a report on each database item, I need the database item to be on an individual page.

Has anyone found a good solution for this?

Does ‘cut off content’ of the text element do what you need it to?

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hmmmm…I’ve not tried that within a repeating group.

So you want a repeating group to always be 1 A4 page? make a group in the repeating group cell and it should always fix its height. Repeating groups will shrink to fit the data, but it will see the group and not shrink it any further.

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