Privacy Data rules contains not working with option sets

Social media app with users who can control which users can see them based on their school.

Works with text
I got privacy rules working great when each user had a field allowedFields and a data rule that checked if This User’s allowedFields contains Current User’s school.

Does not work with option set
I wanted to store more information with each school (e.g. school’s address) than just the name, so I switched to Option Sets. I named this option set Schools and replaced user fields for allowedFields with allowedEducation and school with education. However the privacy rule no longer works with This User’s allowedEducation contains Current Users’s education.

Does contains not working for Option Sets? Or am I missing something?

@sumanicus welcome to the community!

Privacy rules are about restricting the server from sending data to the page. Options set is “engrained” into the logic code and is not “data”. They are loaded to the page as part of other resources to enable Bubble functionality.

Thanks @cmarchan !
Sounds like I’ll need to keep some of the raw school data on the user to get the privacy I need.

Not necessarily.

Here a couple of videos that perhaps could spark some ideas

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