Privacy of Bubble Users

HI everybody,

Question concerning the usernames here on the Bubble site. What is the intention of it, is it meant to mask the identity of the user? When I look at a profile of other users I cannot find their real name, this is why I assumed the username functioned as a Pseudonym.
However, when I get a notification of somebody replying directly to a question of mine, in the email notifying me I receive the users real full name.

It feels a bit weird to me, wonder what the general opinion on this is.

I don’t think it is required. I only put my first name. Is that all you see?

See image:


Yes, your username is required (it’s displayed on all of your posts in the Forum, can be changed one time). Your email is private (never shared, tied to your Bubble account over OAuth2) and your full name is completely optional. I’m guessing if you don’t enter anything in the ‘full name’ field there will be nothing to show in the notification emails and your username will be used instead.

Hey @philip – Should it be obvious how to change my username? Mine was automatically generated when I signed up via Github and I haven’t been able to change it since (and can’t figure out how).

Any advice would be much appreciated!

The Bubble forum is software. There are tons of settings the admins and mods have control over, one of which is rules for username changes (assumption). The reason I said usernames can only be changed once is because in my experience, as soon as I changed my username here I was unable to change it again (the button to edit it disappeared). If you don’t see a button on your profile preferences ( then I’m not sure what to tell you, probably a matter to take up with a mod or admin.

Thanks @philip. After checking out a few of the discourse boards I see that there’s a time limit of sorts that’s set by the Admin (e.g. Usernames can only be changes for X amount of time after the account is created). I don’t see a bubble thread with an obvious solution so I’ll live with it for now.


Thanks @J805. I figured there should normally just be an edit button next to my username, but I don’t have one.

Previously the bubble forum accounts where managed separately from actual bubble accounts (separate sign up/login), but recently they combined the two. I guess I was wondering if there was a less obvious place that the username could be managed, likein the bubble account page rather than in the forum account page.

Thanks again for your help.