Privacy rules between different companies

Hi everyone,

I want to create an application used by different companies. But I don’t want the companies see the information of the other ones.

I explain how the App works
The User (A company) create an account with a Sign up functions. He informs (First name, Last name, Company’s name, email address, password).
Another user from another company can do the same.

But when they will be inside the App they don’t see the information of the other ones.

Also, inside the companies, there will be several users. But we might see this point later.

So it can be as an ERP App but maybe different because the users don’t come from the same companies.

So how could I create this kid of Privacy rules?

Thank you

There’s a lot of ways you could go about this

You could either reference to the creator field or create several fields that would contain the user/s

If you only have 1 user for each company and that user was the one who created that company, you could use only when this company's creator is current user

If you need multiple people to see the company’s data like this one, you could create a field in the user called company that would reference to the company. You could then use only when current user's company is this company

You could also achieve it via list fields like adding a list field of users in your company data type but if you see your app to have lots of users in each company, I 'd suggest you don’t go that way

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It’s kind of a basic question that the manual might help you with (also didn’t you just ask this a few hours ago??)

Company data type
Every data type has a Company field

Privacy rules are when Current User’s Company is This Thing’s Company. Then people in a company can view any data associated with that company.


@ntabs Thank you, I check about the field company. I will practice with mistakes until I achieve.
So it is possible… I jsute need to practice to find my waY? Thanks

@georgecollier Yes I asked this kind of question but I thought maybe I was not clear or I asked too many questions in only one topic. That’s why added a topic.
I know it is a basic question, after I finished this App, I will take a training because I need it.
Thank you a lot for “formula” that you have written for me :slight_smile:


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