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Privacy Rules - Company Data

I know this topic is quite often talked about and i’ve watched several videos on it, not to mention searched around the forums, but i still can’t seem to get a grip on how to make these rules work for my app:

My app has:

  • Users (employees of a company)
  • Companies (with employees)
  • Sites

I’m trying to restrict access to only the data for the company a user belongs to, so Lets say i’m a user, i only want to access Sites and user data for my company.

I’ve tried:

When: “This Site’s creator’s company is current user’s company”

  • this works technically, but when i set it up this way, bubble gives a message saying that it can’t support searches with Rules that use “This Site’s X’s Y”

What can/should i do? is my data structure wrong somehow?

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That’s strange, might be worth double checking everything. I use that same sort of privacy rule a lot. ie

Okay, so i’m using the right format, it’s just not working for some reason? Here’s a screenshot:

I see the difference and replicated it also - and it’s talked about in this thread Rules that use "This Attendee's X's Y" can't grant search access right now - #11 by eric.schwantler

The workaround would be store CoLink directly on the Site. ie

Site.Colink = User.Colink
rather than
Site.Creator.Colink = User.Colink

Seems like it’s a “feature request”


Thanks! that is what i needed :slight_smile: