Privacy Rules for 10,001 Photos?

Here’s an example of a Stock Photo Platform :
The Database has 2 Types : “User” and “Photo”.
There’s 20,000 Users and 15,000 Photos in the database.
And, eventually, some User are going to purchase a license for more than 10,000 Photos.

(1) How should I model my database and the privacy rules so that a User can have a read access to more than 10,000 Thing of the same Type ?

(2) Is there a work around while not using filed lists (which is limited to 10K element) to use privacy rules ?

Have a field on Photo (although Creator will do it just as well). But no list on User.

However, you might like to have a list of “recent photos” on User, and limit to 100. Then have a “show more” to get the rest. User’s tend to understand that it might take longer.

Set it up so that it is private to the Creator?