Privacy Rules not working?

I have set a very simple rule for a table which contains an photo and document as part of the record. Despite setting the rule and marking the photo and document as private, it still seems I can open them by pasting the URL in another browser where I have not signed into bubble nor using the app UI. What am I missing?

Perhaps the “view attached files” is checked in the default permissions for the “User” data type?

I committed the changes below. Is this what you mean? The problem persists.

So this is interesting. It looks like the privacy rules take some time to apply and actually become active on the DB. Some hours… Everything is working as intended now.

Good to see it worked itself out, it seems not all server changes happens instantly. Not sure if the delay comes from Bubble or AWS.

Would be nice to have this behavior documented somewhere. Bloody frustrating when you’re still learning and 1st instinct is to dig for hours on end trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong.


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