Privacy Rules same for all User fields but one User field is not viewable because of privacy error


  • I have a field named TempReviewAnswer on the User data type. Field is of type Answer and populated with an Answer thing.
  • I have a “when page is loaded” workflow that relies on the TempReviewAnswer field
  • that workflow is not evaluating as I expect or want
  • the issue seems to be related to a privacy rule: “1 hidden fields because of privacy rules (TempReviewAnswer)”



Privacy Settings:

  • when current user is this user, that user can view all User fields
  • when current user is logged in, that user can view all User fields

Additional Info:

  • I don’t know if this is related or not but when debugging I noticed that when the TempReviewAnswer is initially populated with an Answer thing the Answer thing is not shown in the debugger (see screenshot below).
  • Despite this Answer not appearing in debugger, I can verify that this field is correctly populated by looking at the user record (see second screenshot below from a User thing’s app data)


Update: I was able to get this to work by granting view permission of this field to everyone as shown in screenshot below.

This isn’t too concerning as this isn’t sensitive data but I still don’t understand why I would need to do this.

So, if you know why I was getting that error mentioned in my initial post then please let me know. Always looking to improve my understanding of Bubble.

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