Privacy Rules settings - Please help!

Hi Bubblers !

I spent some time looking at privacy rules, and I have some diffuculties to set it…

Here’s is my problem(s)… Thanks in advance for help.

I’m building a market place app, where users can post House ads to sell.

To be simple :
Users have different data fields -> Name, surname, phone number, profile picture, email adress,etc…

Users can create Ads, and Ads have different data fields -> Owner (user), pictures, viewing dates.

Users can interact with others, few examples below :
Users can interact with other by asking a viewing or exchange messages.
Viewings have different data fields and are related to owners (user) ads, and user who is asking for the viewing
Messages are related to different users etC…

One example of what I want to implement is :
Every visitors on my website should be able to see House ads including owner surname, and profile picture . But NOT owner emails adress, phone number…
So I set rules for Users Type :
Everyone is able to see owner surname and profile picture but NOT emails and phone number.

But when users are interacting within the website, they have to be able to see (at a certain point in my app), others email adress, and phone number. This is where a user ask an other for a viewing, and the house owner accept it through the platform.
So I set that : for a showing, when user is current showing’s ads ’ owner, he can see user who’s asking.

The problem is : as the global user privacy rules doesn’t allow to see user emails and phone number. he wouldn’t be able to do so in the app. And I cannot set it properly.

The solution is therefore to change user privacy rules. But I can’t allow every user to see other email adress and phone number otherwise, every hacker would be able to do it ?

How can i manage it ? I don’t understand how it works.
@emmanuel can you help ?

I´m in the same boat here with a similar marketplace app. There´s a couple of my tables that I can´t secure because Buyers, Sellers and visitors (users that haven´t signed in) all need access to each other´s data, but at different times.

A quick fix would be to store the information that they can see in another table… that you can then show as / when needed.

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