Probably Simple - hidden text not updated from new state

Hello Community,

i need help with a small problem. Probably someone knows exactly what to do.
My text content does not update, when it’s hidden. Only after the text is displayed again, the content changes. However, one sees therefore briefly the change of the text.

What i did:

  1. I have a stateA (number), which can change.
  2. I have a text that shows different content depending on state.
    Animate Text Out → State+1 → Animate In (But here I see the change of the content after it’s visible again)

Does someone know how to update the content when the text is hidden, so when it’s get visible again the acutally change is not visible ? Or maybe knows a better workflow solution ?

Maybe i have to do out with a backend workflow. I will try it and give you a reply.

Often the solution here is to just slow everything down a little bit.

You could look at adding a short pause between steps 2 & 3 so the value has time to update before you start showing it again. Trial and error works best - maybe 500ms is all that’s needed

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Hi @josh24 ,

thanks for your reply. What i did now, is that i set a duration for both animations and used a scheduled workflow with delay. I don’t realy know why this works perfectly, but it does.
Thanks for your help.

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