Problem chaining two API

Hello guys ands girls :slight_smile:

I am getting a response from API#1 as a nested JSON object which looks like this:
{ "generated_json": {NESTED_JSON} }
where NESTED_JSON is made up of various keys and lists. I need to pass NESTED_JSON as a json formatted text to another API, API#2.
I can access API#1’s “generated_json” value but I can’t figure out how to convert this nested json object into text.


As an ad-hoc temporary solution I edited the response as text with this expression which gets me the result I needed:

I would like to have a proper solution though…

What is wrong with the solution you implemented which gets the results you need?

It works but it’s not general and it feels to me less like good software engineering and more like a workaround. I was hoping to have a method for accessing arbitrary elements within a JSON object, because it is likely an issue that myself and other people will tackle in the future.