Problem change z-index with Plugin

I’m trying to change a sidesheet group z-index to display a shadow over the parent group.

This is the plugin i’m using

This is my workflows

I change the ID Attribute of my sidesheet group to “sidesheet” but this currently not working.
When i’m use run javascript on my workflows when page is load to debug, this works propertly, but the z-index not change.

This is my group attributes

I want this result

I’m appreciate a constructive reply :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yo, @doug.burden… where you at?

Thanks for the tag. I’ll dive into this thanks so much :wink:

Can you try changing your integer? the max zindex value for most browsers would be 2147483647

i change it to 10 and does not work

can you give me more info on what you’re trying to do? Is the parent container ‘fixed’?

I identified the issue and released an update. Please confirm you’re getting desired results.

Now works propertly, thanks too much!

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No problem glad to help!