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Problem choosing a value to use on calculation

Hi Bubblers!
I´m on a learning curve and it´s something bigger, so i´ll try to abstract.
Lets say I´ve the following scenario

Basically, the user must define what price level must be used for each product.

The problem is:

In the ‘CHOSEN VALUE’ field expression I cannot add an IF statement to choose the value in the desired column, based on the dropdown (or radio) choice. (What is fairly simple on excel or whatever)

I think i maybe could use the bubble´s “only when” conditional to deactivate or hide the cell, BUT, i would need three overlayed fields, 1 “on” and 2 “off”??
I could have the three values in the repeating group row, but still have to choose what value to use for later cell´s calculations…
So I dont believe i´m in the right way. Any compass?

The imported CSV structure and the work flow on this prices is the same in another applications we use, so i do not consider change it for now.


Thanks for your post! It sounds like you’re on a good track thinking about using conditions based on that dropdown’s value or initial selection. What have you tried so far? Could an option like when the dropdown’s value is “Option1,” the initial content for the following input changes accordingly be appropriate for your use case?

Thanks a lot, Jess! I think now i can figure it out someway.
I´ll test it.

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