How to use static value for initial content section


So what I am trying to do is. Call a value for example “price”. Price is equal to 5. So I want to put price * somesorta input value=answer. How do I set up constant variables in bubble?

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You can definitely do this with conditional statements. The setup would look something like this:

Price (Type=number)

Price * Input Value (make sure this value is a number), then the result of that should be the sum.

Is that what you were asking?

so how would i make sure price is =5? As I would use price variable in various different instances on the same page. So my question is how to make constant variables that you can call to calculate something else. if that makes sense lol.

I’m confused… just make a conditional:

Price = 5?

it doesnt make sense for the purpose of my page to have a conditional each time I need a constant . So is there a way to do this … like “do a search for price” and have it equal to 5 if possible?

It’s not clear to me what you’re asking here?..

You want to do a search for prices? As in a datatype of prices? Who’s price is equal to 5?

Or, as per your first post, are you trying to simply display an input value multiplied by 5?

In either case, if your number ‘5’ is constant then just enter the number 5 wherever you need it (in your search constraints, or in your text box etc.)

If it’s a variable (such as a database field value) then refer to that instead using dynamic data.

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