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Problem Displaying Photos from Multi-File Uploader in a Repeating Group


I’m having trouble getting images, uploaded from the Multi-File Uploader plugin, to display on an user’s profile page.

The file uploader plugin is used on the user setup page and I want the images to be displayed in a (one row, one column) repeating group on the user’s profile page. I have tried many things and I cannot figure it out.

I have a data type of User Images, that only stores a list of images, and a data type of User that has a “Profile images” field with a field type of User images.

I have a workflow that allows the user to see the images that they have uploaded in a popup, which works. There’s also a button that navigates to the user’s profile page.

When I look at the App Data, it shows that the images have been uploaded so I’m lost on why they’re not showing on the user’s profile page. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Figured it out!