Pictures in multi-file uploader


I have uploaded multiple images with the multi-file uploader. I can not find a way to display those images on the page though, what am I missing?

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Do you also store them in your database? (create new thing from the uploaded files, or work with an API workflow to create new things based on a list)

When they are in a database you can reference them and display as needed.

They are a list field in a “thing” and show in the data tab of my app. How would I reference them? I tried slideshow but the field is not an option to choose in the slideshow dialogue.

Probably with a repeating group. The data source would be a ‘Search for’ and then select the data type of the files you store. Then use an image element in the repeating group to call the image.

I tried that but could not get the pictures to show in the repeating group. Would really love to use a slideshow though.

Basic principle:

Setup a repeating group with an ‘Image’ element:

Setup the multi file uploader workflow as follows:

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The data type here is ‘Images’ and there is just one thing (field) called ‘Image’ which is of type image.

If you want to do it real fancy, you create an API workflow to create the images:

Setup your API workflow (create new End Point) like this:

Then add this action to the workflow:

Thank you Vincent, I’ll work through those. I do appreciate the help and the great explanations.

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Thank you for your tutorial. I’ve tried both methods you’ve described above, but keep getting a type error.
Bubble has changed a few things since you’ve written this, but I’m wondering if you’re still able to accomplish the display of photos through the multi-file uploader on your end?

Thanks in advance!