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Goodmorning everyone . I have a little big problem on my app. I am setting up a do search for to search for certain menus within my database. Now I should set that all menus that have the date AT LEAST equal to today’s date and lower instead of the menu end date should be found. I am going crazy but I cannot find a solution to this problem.

For the moment I have set that it must show me all the menus where the END DATE is greater than or equal to the current date.
I can’t understand, however, how to add a second constraint where I specify that the START date must be AT LEAST the same as the current date and less than the end DATE. Help me please

You wll add two constraint on the same field
date => current date
date <= End date

unfortunately this is not a solution since setting the date> = to the current date, I would also see all the menus that have a departure date from the next day (or days after the current date). In addition, I cannot set that the date is less than the date_end because it is a constant that I do not have access to, on the contrary, I am trying to display the menu based on that parameter.


Hi :wave:t2: In addition to Jici

You can use also :Rounded down.

Date >= current date : Rounded down
(to get sure that all of items EQUALS or GREATER than today’s date from 12:00:00 am will be included)

Date < input’ s value + days :1 : Rounded down

(To get sure to include all items of your inputs day and BEFORE next Day 12:00:00am)

Hope it helps.



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unfortunately it is not a solution to my problem, since setting the date on> = I also see all the menus that should start from the following days. I tried another solution, I created in my table another field called “range_validity” which set my date as the start date, and my date_end as the end date. The problem now is that I can’t set the range

because I don’t have access to this 2 information yet, since I’m looking for the Menu of the day and I have no way of tracing back to those values ​​that are different for each menu


But I think that it must works.

Do you have two dates fields in your “Menu of the Day” ?

Departure Date and End Date?

Try this:

For menus that where available from today at 12:00:00 am use:
Departure_Date >= current date/time : Rounded down

For menus that where available from current date and time for example today at 3:00 pm:
Departure_Date >= current date/time


For Menus with your END DATE until 11:59:59 pm
End Date < current date/time + days :1 : Rounded down

For Menus with your END DATE at current date/time for example today at 3:00pm
End Date <= current date/time

mmm please i just can’t get there. Calculate that all the menus I create always have the same validity time (only the day changes) and they are always valid from

so the schedule never changes. So I ask you, in your opinion how should I set my conditions ultimately?


should these be the conditions? setting down to day? knowing that they are always valid from 12.00 AM on the set date until 11.59PM on the set date?
Anyway thank you very much, if this is the solution you saved me.

Yes, It’s ok .

Maybe the restaurant must not be in the constraint or can be related from the parent group or another group or dropdown that you used to select the restaurant.

Can you share pictures from the editor to see how is your desing or how you are displaying this info?



You should have a look at advanced filtering which allows you to put or values in.

Do a search for:filtered

I agree with “Codeables”

Use an advance filter and put your required value and get output simply
So go for filter search


Abert Sin

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the main problem of the filtered is that I do not have access to these values ​​that I need, as the “Menù of the day” that I want to print are within a repeating group and since I am trying to set up the repeating group just to find the correct “Menù of the day” I do not yet have access to the starting and ending dates of each single menu. In fact, even with the filtered I can’t add the range I need

I should now enter container by “current cells starting date” ↔ range ↔ “ending date”, but I don’t have access to this data yet.

thank you so much for your help . The problem is that today the menus that should have started from yesterday have disappeared because I have the condition that “departure date” must be greater than or equal to the current date. So the menus created yesterday (although they should be valid until 10 August) are no longer displayed.

I totally don’t get this thread, but don’t you have your conditions just plain wrong?

If “Date” is “starting date” (meaning the menu became available on that date) and “Date_End” is the point after which the menu is no longer available, a Menu is available:

  1. If Date (start date) is in the past (that is, LESS THAN today’s date). AND
  2. If Date_End is in the future (that is, GREATER THAN today’s date).


Date <= start of today
Date_End > start of today

This is neither difficult nor confusing.

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Learn about dates:

i’m really stupid. The solution has always been there, thank you very much for your help. At the end of the games I had also found another solution that was this


but at this point I will keep yours. I don’t really know why I didn’t think of it before. I thank you very much and thank the bubble community that has gone out of their way to help me. Thank you !


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