Problem saving image field in mysql, using sql database connector

I’m having trouble saving images to an external mysql database. I created a blob type field and I’m recording the images in this field. However when trying to load these images, they do not load. Has anyone done this type of procedure? I will post the images of how I am saving and searching for these photos;

my database is MYSQL;




I will be very happy if someone can help. thank you very much!!

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Também estou na Luta , ainda não consegui e estou fazendo igual a você, já testei Blog, Longblob

Does anyone could do that?
I´m also not getting there.

Estou na Luta tambem… engraçado é que para bucket e storage o bubble manda como imgae, mas na hora de salvar no mysql ele inventa de salvar como //s3 ou o [blob] cria uma arquivo no mysql…

hey guys, save in base64 and search for self type with “html” element. geting result for work flow.