Save and Load Images to PostgreSQL

Hi All !
I´m testing bubble with PostgreSQL and I have a problem to store and load image from user table.

At momento I just tested Text and Numbers and works fine !

This is my query in Bubble

Parameters Bubble

Exempla of my PostgreSQL table

I placed the image manually by database tool and it woks fine, but by bubble just store the url when I try to put by using Picture Uploader.

Does anyone have any ideia to solve ?
Thanks All

Hello everyone !
Well, I solved the problem by changing the type of bytea to the varchar no limit type in my database table.

When you upload an image through Picture Uploader, Bubble saves it with an Amazon URL and that URL I save as text.


I would like to know if this URL is permanent and if I can trust it since I don’t use Bubble’s native database but PostgreSQL?


Are you returning passwords as plain text?

The password um this case is Just an example… my problem was about store images…ok
But is other case to solve yet…i gonna need to encode before to save…

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Hola, me gustaria conectar postgres pero no lo he logrado, podrias ayudarme por favor