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Problem setting up CountriesNow API

I’ve came across the CountriesNow API ( which would solve my problem retrieving countries dial code, cities and states.

The thing is that Bubble throws an redirect error, as follows:

I’ve found a discussion about this error on a forum, on a thread with the API Provider (Multiple Redirects - bytemeta) but their investigation point to a Bubble issue.

Tested out in Postman and it works perfectly. Also tested various header parameters, body formats, query strings… all the same error.

Funny thing is that the GET calls works, but the POST ones, don’t.

Is there anyone else facing this?
Could anyone try to test it out and see if is throwing the same error?
Is there a workaround to get this to work?

I eventually make it all work through GET requests, passing the search parameters as query strings.

It works for my scenario (using just as Data) but the POST calls problem remain unsolved.