Problem setting up Mollie API

Hey guys! Did somebody already managed to set up the Mollie API using the Bubble API Connector? I can’t make it work. Can someone check out what i’m doing wrong? Documentation is available at:

I’m getting the error: Unauthorized Request

It’s either your Authorization setup is wrong or your key. Also tick the Private box for your Authorization key.

Always share a link if you want others to help you debug, otherwise we can only create scenariox in our heads which won’t be helpful to you at all.

Authorization setup seems fine according to Mollie’s authentication documentation ( The key is also correct, the only thing I can think of is that the key is attached to a domain name. Do you have any idea which domain is being used by Bubble for the “Initialize call” button?

Your callback url might be the problem, because I ran in to a similar problem recently. Change your callback url on developer dashboard to the exact url where your plugin is being develop.

Some API providers are sensitive about callback url.

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, there is no Mollie developer dashboard. The only way to get an API-key is adding a website profile, but there is no way to enter the callback-url.

If anybody is wondering, I got it to work;

  1. Login to the mollie-backend and go to settings. Add a new profile or adjust the test profile
  2. Create an api-call. The api-call @g.rinzema made is almost correct. Check Private at the authorization key and add Bearer before the key/value. So Bearer test_Bz4Q etc

Connect with the API and you will get a list of datapoints back including the payment url

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Thanks @kh.japtjong ! You’ve made my day.

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