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I have a problem with a condition so that bubble activates or not a workflows. And I am telling you that if you do not meet the following condition < or = 4 in an count, do not activate the workflow. But it happens that he keeps activating it, and running this new workflow when I upload audio number 5, even though the condition is not met and the same debug system checks it for me, someone with the same problem? What can I do there? because if I only put is < it goes up to audio 3 and if po > o = it goes up to 5 and the limitation is 4

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Can u share a screenshot of your workflow?

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this is , above post, share the workflow, but it is the same

now I leave it for while in > 4 and it works and it does not continue advancing, but less than 4 according to what I understand is 3 and less than and equal to 4 is 4

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in summary is this, the button according to the condition will activate a workflow. For now it is divided into the double condition that is if a profile is such and the audio count is < 4 you can upload audio. Although that condition should be < or =

I believe the “count” is counting the total number of “audiosubido”. Is that what you’re intending?

What does debug mode show when it runs? You can look at what the conditions are evaluating to if you go step by step.

Of course, uploaded audios is a list of audios. The condition is every time an audio is uploaded, count it. If there are more that 4 audios, do not reproduce the workflow. But when I check it in the debug as it is in the first captures that I shared, when it reaches 4, although the debugger when checking if it meets the condition, it says no, but the system says yes. Now if I change it to less than 4 there it even recognizes up to 4 audio, it’s too weird. If you review those captures you will see what the condition says and how it says that it is not valid, because it is no longer 4 but 5 but it still turns it green and lets it pass.

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