Problem with AirKeyboardShortcuts

Hello, community,
I have a problem with the plugin “AirKeyboardShortcuts” since a few days.
When I press Enter the text should be saved as a comment.
Now to the problem. Sometimes, strangely enough, the workflow only saves the first character from the input. Photo is attached.
Can somebody help me? :slight_smile:

@j.hennersdorf I’m guessing here but is a half-educated guess based on previous experience. I suspect it might be because bubble has a lag on input fields. I think you are saving before bubble is recognising all the characters. The same AirDev people have a plugin called Instant Text and if you set it to watch the ID of your input and save it instead of the input I think that will work. The alternative is to put a pause in your save workflow os it waits for a second or two before saving.

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two different developers Air Keyboard shortcuts is created by @seanhoots

Nice catch @Bubbleboy - must be something in the ‘Air’ :confused:

Hi @j.hennersdorf :slight_smile: One workaround involves creating a second transparent input on the page. In summary, after the User types into that first input that you have, and hits Enter, the steps would be:

  1. Set focus to the second transparent input
  2. Save the value from the first input using the Make Changes to a Thing action(s)
  3. Reset the value of the first input
  4. Set focus back to the first input

That should make sure the entire value of the first input is saved, but let me know if not! :slight_smile: