Input with MultiLineInput WhatsApp behavior!

Hello, today I have a chat and I use muiltilineinput to create messages and send them.
But the behavior of this input is ctrl+enter to send the message and just enter makes the line break.
WhatsApp input has a different behavior, ctrl+enter for line break and just enter to send.

Is it possible to get the same behavior in buuble?

You can use the air keyboard plugin

Yes, I tried with him.

It works in parts. I manage to send it, but the input doesn’t load the typed message in time to send everything, so it only goes a part of what was typed depending on the typing speed and the enter action.

Hi, do you find any solution? I am also having same requirement!

I’m using the same plugin indicated by the friend @yorgio1024 “global capture of the enter key” when running I also check beforehand if the input is without focus, just a form of validation so as not to send it wrong.

But one problem I face is that it always leaves a line break in the input. Which I couldn’t solve and I’ve been following this way.


Hi @EliezerBeniz,

you can solve your problem with AirDev instant text plugin - it gives you input value without the lag - in real time.

Grab it here: Instant text Plugin | Bubble


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