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Problem with Current Page Scrolling Position

Hi everyone,

Am I the only one to have problem with the “Current Page Scrolling Position” ? Looks like it doesn’t work when applied to trigger an action… For instance : show an element when Current Page Scrolling Position > 0 …

OK, so I found a workaround. But I guess there are other solutions too…
Just as a reminder, what I’m trying to do is to show / display something that is not visible by default when I scroll.
1- Create an input. Let’s call it “Input A”
2- Select that input and in the “Conditional” tab, create the following condition : when Current Page Scrolling Position > 0 , initial content : “whatever you want it doesn’t matter”
3- Make the input invisible (uncheck the “This element is visible” checkbox)
4- Then in the “Conditional” tab of the hidden thing you want to display on scroll, do as follows : When Input A’s value is not empty , this element is visible (check the checkbox)

And it works !

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Which event are you using for your workflow? The right approach here is more a condition on the element that makes it visible, not an event + action.