Problem with Google Translate API

Hey there,

I’m struggling to connect to Google Translate via API connector for some reason.

I’m configuring it this way:

This is the response I’m getting:

I’ve reviewed the API credentials configuration in Google Cloud console and everything seems to be alright so not sure what I’m doing wrong:

I tried using the standard Translate Plugin but wasn’t working either hence I decided to give it a try via the API connector

Which documentation are you referring to when implementing the Google Translate API? Which version of it is it?

The official one that can be found here: Method: translate  |  Cloud Translation  |  Google Cloud

It’s v2 the one I was trying to implement.

I read in quite a few places that many other people were having the same problem, there seems to be a problem on how they handle API usage restrictions for that API. If I create brand new credentials with no restrictions on it, it works perfectly. However, if I try to put on some restrictions on it (which you must do) , it does throw the error. I’ve tried with the exact same restrictions that I have for Maps API and doesn’t work, so seems to be a problem at their end …

I’ve ended up going with Deepl API, working pretty smoothly

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same problem here, I will try deepl
API since you found it working smoothly :wink: