Problem with logout with oAuth

Hi everyone. I have a problem with my platform.
I created a new project (which I call PROJECT A) which has 3 other sub-apps inside. My intent is to focus all user management on PROJECT A and to do this I used the Bubble App Connector plugin which allows me to be automatically sent back to PROJECT A when I want to log in when I am on one of the 3 subs -apps. The process works fine.
My problem is about logging out. In fact, if on one of the 3 sub-apps I press the Logout button, the user is correctly kicked out but on PROJECT A, the user continues to be logged in.
How can I do so that, by pressing Logout on one of the 3 sub-apps, the user is also kicked out on PROJECT A?
Thank you

Were you able to figure this one out @luca.riviello. I’m having the exact same question…

@luca.riviello and @nocodeventure , did you find anything as solution to this? If yes, then please share.