Logout from OAuth and Bubble Session problems


We authenticate users in our application in Bubble through OAuth exactly with Azure B2C. We have three applications, one of which is built in Bubble and two others with other platforms.

In Bubble we used API Connector (OAuth user-agent flow) for authentication with Azure B2C.

All three applications use OAuth (Azure B2C) for authentication and are in the same Tenant in Azure AD B2C. The Login is working well, if you are logged into one of the platforms, you are automatically logged into the Bubble application without having to provide your credentials again.

But, I have problems with Logout. When I log out of one of the non-Bubble applications, the user session is still active in Bubble which should not be. It seems that the Bubble session remains active even though the token from OAuth is gone.

What I want to achieve is that, if users log out from one of the apps, and close the Azure B2C session, all of the apps should be logged out. That is not happening on Bubble, Bubble is keeping the session active.

Can you help me with this?

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