Problem with max value in number picker in RG

Hello guys,

I’ve made a picker which I use in repeating group. Basic idea is that when user clicks + or - it changes the value of custom state that is show as initial value in input field.
Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 11.28.56

The problem is maximum. I’ve tried to use input field maximum, however it just breaks the picker, as input is changed from state.

I’ve tried to use “maximum” in workflow on clicking +, so it checks each time if new value is higher than maximum, however the calculation of maximum is pretty complex and repeating it on each click is just slowing down app.

The perfect solution is that I can save a variable with max value on load that I can use in a picker. Do you have an idea for another solution?

Hi there, @glib… what you described at the end of your post is likely to be the “best” solution. Either set a custom state to the max value on page load or store the max value somewhere in the database and reference it there… and I would probably go with the former.


Hi. Thanks for advice. Well there are two problems with it :frowning:

First picker is used in RG groups so I cannot change a state in each group.
Second I cannot save it to database as it is used for booking, so I’m calculating amount available in particular time period.

I had two ideas but none of them satisfy me:

  • save max value in a hidden field. Theoretically through some manipulation with front end somebody could add more stuff to cart than my inventory has :smiley: → so I need to make additional validation in a moment of making order.
  • when user clicks + first time → calculate the maximum amount and save into custom state.

Well I have feeling that bubble really lacks those temp variables or more developed states so you can store data for a session.

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