Custom state problem

I have an input (input 1) where the user can write an integer. Depending on which value, it sets a custom state in another input (input 2). For example, if the value of input 1 is greater than 25, the value of input 2 will be 100 (with the “do when condition is true” and a custom state). I then have another condition, which says that if the value of input 1 is less than 25, the value will be 50 of input 2. My problem is, as soon as the value of input 1 has been greater than 25, the value of input 2 can’t be less than 100 if the value of input 1 gets lesser than 25 again. I really can’t get this to work. Maybe with the “range”-thing? Hope you understand my explanation. I am grateful for all suggestions.

Many thanks in advance

Can you set a second yes/no state that says if the value of input 1 has already gone over 25? Then add that as a condition for input 2.

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Thanks for your reply. Not sure on how I would do the “has already gone over”? One solution to my problem would be the possibility to limit the number of entries in a RG from a dropdowns value. Then I could just set a condition to set a state with the value x of input 2 if the value of the dropdown is “y”. This would be possible because it’s just a price-display but the RG still needs to be limited to certain value depending on the price. For your information, the value of input one comes from a RG as it looks now. How do I limit the number of entries in a RG?

You could set up two separate actions on the button workflow that saves the inputs to the database. Then put a condition on first action that says if the count of any input 1 fields that are over 25, is greater than 0. The do the opposite condition for condition on second action.

Post a public editor link with your example.

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The price needs to be displayed directly. Here is an example: That’s how it looks like on my page (pretty much).

I made some changes to the price using conditionals. I’m not completely sure what you want to do with the repeating group.

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Thanks! I would never thought about using conditionals, but that is perfect. I use the RG to send emails and if could limit the number of things, with a value from a dropdown, that would be the solution to my problem. At least I thought so. I sooner realized that it left me with the same problem. Thanks again for all your help!

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