Problem with recaptcha (invisible)

Hello everybody

I would like to use a ReCAPTCHA on the sign up page of the app.

The problem is that when I go in Preview the ReCAPTCHA does not appear on the page.

Do I have to do something on the google development page to be able to use the ReCAPTCHA ?

Thanks for the help.



For the Google ReCAPTCHA to work, all you have to do at Google is setup/register your site (Bubble app) to get your reCAPTCHA keys.

Once you have your reCAPTCHA keys, enter them into the ReCAPTCHA Plugin settings and you should be all set. Just select the ReCaptcha Form (input form) icon and place it on the form where you want it.

If the problem exists, and the reCAPTCHA disappears when you go to Preview, it might be hidden behind an element. Make sure the reCaptcha Form input field is in you sign up form group (containing your other input fields) and you should be able to see it.

Let me know if that helps or where you’re at!


Thanks for the answer.

The app is not finished yet so I will register it later.

You shouldn’t have to deploy your app to get the Google reCaptha to work if you want to add it so you can add it to your layout and test it.

Hi @vincent.lecohu how did you make it work on the invisible mode finally?

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Thanks @jitsiereveld - I had the same issue and that solved it for me (I didn’t realise you needed an account/key

Hi. Sorry if this is a dumb question. But how do the Captcha Challenge show up? where you select images to confirm you’re not a bot

Thats currently not supported. It is the V3 captcha. But when you register the site and select V3 then get the API keys. When you put the keys in on bubble and place it it looks fine. But when you preview it has an error message. Its just a glitch but V2 works fine.

Hi All,
It is also invisible on my index page. Added key and it works on other pages but not in index one.
Not sure what is an issue. Contacted support as well.