Problem with sendgrid plugin

Another note looks like dynamic templates require a Subject not to be blank in SendGrid so you need to put {{subject}} in the sendgrid template for it to work with the new v5 plugin.


@copilot - Found a bug - the Bubble issues checker see’s the optional fields as required and will not let you deploy if they are blank!


Hi @simon,

We caught that as well and pushed a fix. For next time, let us know at :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick fix. A bit frustrating that I had to delete all email workflows again to clear the errors but hey ho


A big reason why developers deprecate legacy features is so they can work on and better maintain newer features that are (hopefully) easier to use and capable of more. With the addition of server-side actions for plugins, we can now run pre-request logic which makes more possible with less. Regardless, Version 4.x will still remain an option for those who aren’t quite ready to upgrade to the latest and greatest. :wink:

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