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Automation emails with SendGrid


I’m having a lot of trouble adding in substitution tags to automated emails through SendGrid. I’m using the the CoPilot plugin and when I send one off emails, I can get this to work (it’s easier because there is just the dynamic template ID to add).

However, I’m trying to set up an email flow to new users so they receive 3 emails, and I want to use their first name in the email - but it isn’t working even when completing the substitution tags and adding the {{ }} fields in the email template on SendGrid.

Is this possible?

@copilot do you know if this is possible?

Hi! Could you share some screenshots of both the dynamic template in SendGrid where you’ve added the substitution tags ( {{tag}} ) and the “Sendgrid - Send email” action you’ve set up in the Bubble editor? Otherwise unable to replicate the issue.

Hi @building4stripe, thanks for writing back!

I’ve realised that the send email I had wasn’t actually doing any work. What I’ve got is SendGrid Campaigns - Add to a list and the customer’s email address getting added to the list. Then in SendGrid, I have an automation that runs for people entered into this list.

Works fine which is something, but there is no way to personalise the emails that way with substitution tags. In the SendGrid Campaigns - Add to a list field, there is only (body) List ID and (body) email fields that can be added.

Do you know of a way to run automation emails and being able to add substitution tags?

If you have added substitution tags to the templates in the SendGrid Automation, all you need to do is use the “SendGrid - Add contact to list(s)” and add the correct substitution tags in the action settings. Just tried it and it’s working as expected on my end. If that’s your setup and you’re still experiencing the same issue, please share some screenshots from the SendGrid template and the workflow in Bubble.

Ok, so the issue I have (I think) is that the welcome series is three emails long, but the plugin is asking me for dynamic template ID - but there is no dynamic template because the emails are in the Automation.

So Sendgrid looks like this:

The workflow on Bubble looks like this where the List ID is from the URL in the list. Not sure what to add in the Template ID section?

@building4stripe , would you mind sending me how you complete it and particularly where the Template ID comes from?

I keep getting this error:
Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 8.48.38 pm

Looks like you’re not the only one having this issue, looking at the plugin reviews. Might be an issue with that specific action. I haven’t used the Automations feature for the past couple of years. Whenever I need to schedule a message to be sent later, I set up a “SendGrid - Send email” action in a backend workflow and schedule the email using that workflow. I realize you might want to use the Automations feature because it can provide some more in-depth analytics details. If you don’t need that, just use backend workflows. Otherwise, you could try to contact Copilot or set up the API on your own using API Connector.

Yep, no problems.

Appreciate all your help Toby!

I know this is subject is about Sendgrid, but did you try out Postmark? I am using it and it is perfect!

I set up Sendgrid initially because it worked directly through Bubble, but it is an infuriating user experience as an email service.

What plugins do you use for Postmark @ahmed.khodeir.87 ?

I am using this one


And for the HTML I design them using

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