List items in repeating group

Hello, i spent 4 hours trying to do this and nothing:

I have a list of items like: Cereals, bread, coffe
And i want to show that list in repeating group and each item in different row with a checkbox.

I tried also with “join with” break_line and nothing, tried also #item Current cell index. and only shows the first item, but not the others…

I tried all this options and nothing:

Im so hard stuck on this.
Please help!!!

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You might want to take a look at the videos Bubble provides that guide you through the basics. There is one titled: Displaying data in a repeating group.


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I did and it doesn’t resolves my problem.

PS: Did you tried to replicate the problem?


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If you are trying to use a comma separated text list, try this regex solution:

Thanks, still not works.

This is what i have:

I did what you said:

Can you show us the Shopping List data structure? You can see that by going to data > data types > shopping_list in your app.

Edit: when i try to see the list without the :regex filter
this is how appears:

Instead of each item in one line, with one checkbox.


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Got it. So you’re going to want to nest repeating groups. I’ll work up a quick example.

Yes please, i tried everything, tried figure out how to do it, but all failed…

Because i have a create-list group that you can choose from multidropdown static values and then when user creates the list, that creates a list on the db.

In the db the items are stored like this: Bananas, Rice, Chicken
So im trying to show the list, when user wants to see his list like:
[ x ] Banana
[ x ] Rice
[ x ] Chicken

So the user can check/uncheck the checkbox for that item.


So, here’s how to do it with your current setup. The key here is to select the repeating group’s type as text, as you’re trying to display a list of texts.

Another way to do it, that I usually default to (as it’s typically better for larger/more complicated data structures, is using lists of objects instead… but don’t worry about the following photos until you’ve got the solution above worked out :slight_smile:


Last thing - with lists in repeating groups many users get hung up on what to do with the selections… Gaby has a great video on that here that you’ll really profit from digging into.

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This is bit annyoing me. I did exactly the same as you:

And when i check the list:


Hmm, that’s certainly odd. I just duplicated my setup with another data type and it worked… just to be sure, have you refreshed the browser? Also, be sure that the first Shopping list in the database (I’d delete every other one but the one you want to test) has the data in the structure that you’re intending.

Hello again, sorry for the delay had to go.

I deleted every entry on my db, rebooted my entire computer and nothing:

PS: Can you post the url of your app for i can see what the heck is happening?

Edit: I deleted the entire db, and created a new one, and nothing…

One question, is there any way to add items in the same list but on different “internal-lists”?
Example when i add a list with multiple entries using Multidropdown, when creates the list the list looks like this:

How i can add the items and looks like this:

Im using this:

If the actual list is like the second image, it appears each item on his cell, but when looks like the first one, then there’s the problem. So when im creating the list, it creates like the first one.


Can you provide us with the link to the editor page?

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