Problems when creating a list of things via API


I’m trying to create a app that’ll connect to my Woocommerce store via API. I want to have a good moblie interface where I can see my products, check my orders etc.

I’ve started by dividing this big problem and understanding the many moving parts of it separately. I’ve managed to create an API call to my store and retrieve of product and assigned it to the Current User.

My problem starts when I try to get a list of products. With Woocommerce instead of retrieving just one I can make an api call to get all products or filter them the way I desired.

I created a call that will return me 3 products, but I’m unable to correctly assign then to the Current User.

There’s no create a list of things the same way there’s create a new thing. So I’m always getting some kind of error.

So in summary: I have an API call to get Prod 1, Prod 2 and Prod 3 (each of these products have their own fields: name, id, price etc.) and I want to assign them to the Current User List of Products, so the user will have a field containing Prod 1, Prod 2 and Prod 3.

Thanks for the help, I hope I explained myself clearly, I can make tests and try things if you suggest them.

Also I did get some experience working with Woocommerce and its API (not with bubble but with Apps Script) so if there’s anyway I can help feel free to talk to me.

What does the API call “Woocommerce - get a list of products” look like?

Bubble seems to think that is returning a different type of data (texts) than the other API call for a single product.

I would compare the two.

In the case of the picture it thinks it’s Text beacause I’ve selected the field Name (that’s a text)

The API call returns a list of many characteristics of the product(s), some of which I’ll just ignore.

That is why in the first picture the second step is necessary. I’ll create a Prod with the result of step 1 and then add it to the current user list of products.

But there’s no middle step when it comes to lists. It’s seems to me that a action Create new list would work but I can’t find a solution to it

That issue checker error message is telling you exactly what the problem is:

A type mismatch.

Left hand side field is not an array of texts. Right hand side IS a list of texts.

You need to add the list of names to whatever your Name field is on products.

So you are not looking to change Current User. You are looking to change Current User’s products.

The field you are looking to modify is the name field (whatever you’ve called it) on products.

I’m trying to do this… can you explain how the API connects to WooCommerce? I’m trying to study up on the API connector but i feel like im swimming upstream.