WooCommerce API Get Product List limited to 100 products per_page

Hi. Anybody have experience using WooCommerce API hope can help me.

I have setup API integration with my online store hosted using WooCommerce. I have setup the get API as Data which will display the list of products in a repeating group without any workflows. This product is not save in my Bubble database, I just want to pull the products from WooCommerce and show here in my app in Bubble, maybe run a create a new thing to save to database in the future.

Based on WC API documentation, there is a max limit which is 100 products per call (per_page). How do I get more more products data send via the API?

I have tried setup the get product list API as Action, but the repeating group state does not allow adding List, can only add one item at a time. I can’t setup backend API workflow because backend can’t access Element state (the repeating group).

Any idea? Btw here is the documentation link.


You will have to use “State” and save the result you get back from the API call to the state and then add conditional logic to check the response you got from the API if more products exist to make the same call again, basically creating a loop workflow for the API call, then you set your Repeating Group Data Source to be that State.

Hey Shawn, how are you doing? Thank you for replying.

Okay I have tried your method, first I get a 100 products list and save the list as state, and set the repeating group to be that state. The problem is how do add 100 more products to the state’s list, as the only available option to add is just single item using :plus item?

Can you share a link to your editor?

You can take your existing State list and use the merged with bubble function with your new results and set that as your new State list value

Here is a quick look at that function:

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Brilliant @shawnmi6 , as always! I have made it. Thank you so much.

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Hey shawn,

Is it possible to go into more detail about where you create the loop workflow. Is this done in the backend or in the front end workflows and how do you go about creating it?

Thanks for the insights

I have solved this issue using the simple looper plugin (free plugin), follow their demo on how to use it in your front end workflows

Hi, you can do like this