Problems with checkboxes preset status


I have 3 different checkboxes, and the user is supposed to select only once. In order to do so, I had set conditionals on each element. Indicating that when any of the other 2 checkboxes are checked, the preset status of the current checkbox will be: Unchecked.

However, this conditional is not applying when I run the app on the preview mode. Why is it? And how can I work it out?

Thanks in advance for your help!

This kind of functionality in the user interface is normally done by Radio buttons. Any reason to make it by checkboxes?

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I completely agree with @jakubdab on this. Checkboxes tell the user that they can select multiple items whereas radio buttons tell them that they can only select one of the options.

I’d strongly recommend you use radio buttons for this because: 1) that’s more intuitive to the user and 2) radio buttons are designed for this from a technology standpoint so you won’t need any custom logic.

Hey guys!

Hahaha, well, I didn’t know the radio buttons! hahahaha such a rookie! Thank you for the quick reply and easy solution!

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