Problems with Download Link

Having problems making link element/ button element to download images from image URLs.

I have a list of image URL’s in my database and I’m creating a button to download those images. I’ve tried 2 solutions:

  1. Link element. The problem is, the images hosted on bubble download, while images hosted on open in new tab instead.

  1. Button element that triggers a “Download” workflow from Airdev’s download plugin. Some images download, while some images don’t download at all (there is no download popup). Doesn’t seem to be a pattern.

Is there not a pattern to discern if the ones that download are ones hosted on Bubble while the ones that don’t download are unsplash in the same way when you use the link element the unsplash open a new tab while hosted on Bubble downloads?

For the download plugin, it works on all unsplash hosted images, but inconsistently on bubble hosted images.