Product carousel with image and video

Is there anyway to create slideshow/carousel for product to display relevent images and video
Since repeating group can be one type only how i can achieve it
Video could be embedded youtube or vimeo

A Carousel Item would have a field of type Media on it. A Media would be a datatype with perhaps a field for Type and a field for URL (as just one way to do it).

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This is exactly what I was thinking about as I read the post :grin: … It would be nice to test this method out.

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This is indeed exactly how you do it in Bubble. In fact, it’s exactly how you’d do it in other architectures. Like, if you had a headless CMS, you’d define a content type like Carousel that represents a carousel. On it would be an array of references to an array of Carousel Items. A Carousel Item would be a content type that includes whatever info one’s app needs to understand what is displayed in such an item.

(Point being: This isn’t about Repeating Groups having a limitation, it’s about basic data structure stuff.)

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