How to combine images & video files into the same repeating group?

Hi Bubble Community,

The app uses a multi-file uploader on mobile. This element allows the user to upload images or videos (desired affect). They are written to the database field as a “List of images”, type = images. We then need to display the list in a repeating group, however, not sure how to set the “Type of content” when there are images and video files. We could separate the two types of media into two fields (List of images and List of files), however the Repeating Group can still only be a single Type of Content (image or file).

Any suggestions on how to combine the two types of content into a single repeating group display? Are there any plugins that might help with this? I plan to “wrap” using BDK and have their plugin, however, not sure if this will help accomplish the outcome?

Thanks so much for the help!

Changing the field type to ‘file’ and the repeating group “Type of Content” to “file” to display both images and videos from the same field seems to cooperate for using a single field in the db.

However, to display in the RG there is only an image or a video display element, not a single element combining to use in both cases. What elements/plugins could be used to display a photo and a video in the same RG?

Thanks again!

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