[Product enhancement] New “Hire a Developer” form and matching system

Hi everyone,

I’m Grace, the product manager supporting our Bubble ecosystem. I’m excited to share that we’ve just released a revamped “Request for Proposal (RFP)” system to better match users who want to hire Bubble agencies and developers for their project ideas.

If you have a new or existing project and you’re looking to hire a Bubble agency or developer, you’ll now see a more structured form on the “Hire a Developer” page. We use your preferences — including language, budget, services required, and more — to suggest 3–5 tiered agencies and developers for your project.

Our goal is to make it easier for users and agencies to match with each other. If you’ve used the old RFP system, you’ll know it was a bit overwhelming for users (and hard for agencies) to find the right fit. The new system recommends agencies to users more carefully and gives agencies higher quality leads.

If you’re ready to get started, you can learn more about how to write the most effective project proposal possible on our blog.

For agencies and developers, if you want to be recommended and matched with users, sign up for an Agency plan and get certified to gain access to this new proposal portal.


Please fix the " x months/years building"


I know this is taking into account the time I upgraded to an Agency plan, but it’s not fair.


Hi - we’re doing a revamp to agency profiles and will be making that fix in the project! :slight_smile:


Great! Thanks!

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Does that mean there are no more proposals we can send to Clients?

If Im getting this straight, the only thing we can do as an agency is to get certified, cross our fingers, and hope for the best that Bubble algorithm will recommend us to a client (taking in account we may never show there).

And how that go in favor to newer agencies? Im guessing the top tier leads will go to gold tier agencies, and that smaller agencies will get recommended to jobs like “build me ebay for $100”.

Im trying to understand, as I liked the old RFP, that everyone gets the same chance, this way, only bigger agencies will get one and it will at the end of the day be pure luck to get on the Client page.

Also, when Im already asking questions I have 2 more.

If I do not have a certificate, but my team member added to my bubble account has one, does that count as being certified as an agency to be shown in RFP system?

Im building currently 7 Apps and none of them are showing on my Agency Page, is the only way to get that visible by making my client pay an expensive plan so that he can add me as a collaborator?

I hope I can get more answers on this topic as so far this does not look good in anyone’s favor, especially not the agencies just starting out.


It feels like the way Bubble has decided to ‘rank’ agencies with the Gold, Silver and Bronze tiers, it is pushing agencies towards trying to game the system, such as adding more seats (just need to create an account and pay for each seat) so that the agency team size seems larger and allows the agency to be labeled as ‘Gold’ which, no potential client will read as simply a reference to how large the agency is, and how much money they contribute to Bubble, but will be read as ‘better than Silver and Bronze’.

In the way the new rules have been set, the game is such that you do not want to be a collaborator, as that doesn’t get applied toward your total monetary contributions to Bubble as an Agency, and only apps that you create via your Agency plan will be applied toward that total dollar value contribution, that Bubble uses to ‘rank’ agencies as Gold, Silver or Bronze. Additionally, the Agency plan should allow you to use ALL features of Bubble while you build it, and then when you transfer ownership your client will then need to pay for a plan that matches the features used in the app.

Would be very interesting to get some transparency from Bubble on how this new matching system works and how many agencies will be displayed out of how many agencies actually might be a match…such as the client proposal based on submission and matching filters, maybe 65 agencies match, but that would be very poor UX to show a potential client that they got 65 matches, so Bubble must have some type of hard limit on the number of potential matches displayed to the client, and whether or not the client has the option to request to see more matches.


Got it! And how it works if Im an Agency owner, do I have to be certified or can I just add a certified developer to my Agency to regain access?

This is not a problem but rather a comment. Anyone else noticed the new Agency hiring protocols on bubble? It only seems to recommend 3 agencies at a time. I guess this serves to simplify buyer’s decision making and minimise spam in your inbox. However, does this mean that only these 3 agencies will see this RFQ on the wall? Also all the test I’ve run seems to always recommend one gold agency as the FIRST option even when I selected the “Freelancer” option, how does this new protocol affect market exposure for the little guy? Is anyone else concerned about the exposure of little “freelance” agencies? If you have a minute, why don’t you run a test on the form see who else is recommended Hire a No-Code App Developer | Bubble. I’m sure bubble will appreciate any feedback on this new feature. In this screenshot, I selected the “freelancer” option but first recommended agency is a gold agency with 26 team members (all love). What are you getting?

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Exactly. I also noticed the same. Even when you set the form to “Freelancer”, the first Agency is always a GOLD agency with a HUGE TEAM. Like why bother asking all these targeting questions if you already have a predetermined list to recommend?

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Do you mean this new setup from Bubble allows a user to select they would prefer a Freelancer and the recommended results are including an Agency? If so, there is a Bug in the system and they need to tweak the way they are filtering. @grace.hong is this the case that a potential client can select freelancer in the form but still have Agencies recommended?

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Hi @grace.hong,

I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to follow up on a concern I’ve previously raised regarding the way our contributions are recognized. Despite supporting over a hundred clients with their applications, our agency’s project count appears as zero. This seems to be because projects only count towards our total if we’re the original creators and transfer the app to a client who then upgrades to a paid plan.

Could you please let me know if there have been any updates to this policy? Our agency prides itself on the extensive support we provide, regardless of whether we’re the original creators. Often, we come on board after a client has initiated their app development or purchased an app, and from there, we significantly contribute to their project. This scenario is particularly common with our larger clients.

Additionally, I’d like to share some feedback regarding the RFP page. From our perspective as a smaller agency, it seems to offer limited value unless one is at a ‘gold’ tier level. I’m keen to understand if the recent updates have addressed these concerns, as the main benefit for us in being listed as an Agency seems to be the ability to collaborate on apps.

I appreciate your time and look forward to your response.

Thanks :blush:


Hi all,

Wanted to jump in to provide transparency.

We created this new system with the intention to help agencies win deals more easily and also provide more inclusivity toward agencies of all sizes.

  1. Does the new system make it harder to win projects?

No, the new system should make it easier, not harder, to win deals. Previously, for every client, you would have to compete against hundreds of other agencies (within 48 hours, a client might receive 60–80 emails from agencies); consequently, clients who were overwhelmed by these emails would have difficulty managing their responses. With this new system, clients send proposals to only three to five agencies. This makes it more likely for clients to move forward with a partner rather than abandon their build completely. It also makes it more likely for the agency to win a deal as they’re now competing in a pool of three to five, rather than hundreds.

  1. How will this change impact smaller agencies?

We made these improvements to help increase visibility for smaller agencies. The agencies we show are based on how many fields they match with the customer, and agency preference is one of those fields. If a freelancer appears in the top three matches shown, they will receive the lead as long as the user submits the proposal. Allowing users the choice to work with freelancers creates more visibility for the freelancer audience.

  1. How do we match users, and how does tiering play a role?

In terms of how we match users, beyond developer preference, we use languages, primary services, project type (new vs. ongoing), budgets (minimum fixed fee) to find three best-fit agencies to recommend. We always try to include one Gold agency partner in the top three matches (assuming they meet the users’ criteria). This is why you might see a Gold agency in your match results even if you selected freelancer for your developer preference.

To learn more about how we match, you can read more in our Support articles here.

I’ll let my colleague, Théo, Manager of our Agency Partnerships, share more about our certification and tiering requirements in the thread below.

If you have any further questions, or want to learn more about these updates, please reach out to partnerships@bubble.io or check out other FAQs listed below:


Hi all,

My name is Theo, and I manage Agency Partnerships at Bubble. I wanted to share more context on how agency tiers and the Bubble Developer Certification are impacting the updated RFP system.

  1. How do I get access to the Hire a Developer system?

In order to be eligible to receive leads via the Hire a Developer system, agencies need to become tiered. For a solo freelancer on the agency plan, this means successfully passing the Bubble Developer Certification. We want to raise the bar for quality in the new Hire a Developer system and level up the trust for Bubble Developers in the ecosystem.

  1. Will a developer’s certification count if I hire a certified developer to join my agency?

Yes, however, the certification needs to be tied to the Bubble user who is listed as a member of your agency. Our support team can help you transfer a certificate from one account to another. earn more on the topic here.

  1. How does Bubble calculate my revenue contribution (one of the key criteria used to determine agency tiers)?

This metric is one of the key criteria used to determine agency tiers and represents a blended measure of the various ways your agency contributes value to Bubble and Bubble’s users. It includes:

  • App-transitioned revenue: This is calculated based on the annualized MRR of the apps transitioned by your agency.
  • Collaboration revenue: We attribute revenue on apps where you’ve been a collaborator for at least 50 days. If there are multiple agencies that fit that criteria, we attribute credit equally between agencies.
  • Agency plan revenue: This is an annualized number based on the number of seats your agency pays for on a monthly basis.
  • Marketplace revenue: This is based on your agency’s contributions to the marketplace and captures Bubble’s revenue share (25%) of your agency’s one-time and recurring charges over the past 12 months.

If you would like to learn more about the agency program or have any questions about your agency tier, feel free to reach out to partnerships@bubble.io.


Sorry, but it doesn’t make sense…

If the client is looking for a freelancer, why to show them an agency with 30 devs? Just to have a “gold” one? :melting_face:



I already received two requests that the URL comes with the parameter, but I’m redirected to a error page with empty parameter.

Before: Bubble | Build Powerful Full-Stack Apps Without Code (I removed some numbers here)

After: Bubble | Build Powerful Full-Stack Apps Without Code

Yeah, I don’t get that either. Doesn’t really make sense to force a match to be a Gold tiered Agency…I could see forcing a match of at least one agency of any tier if the user selected freelancer, but it doesn’t make sense to force it to be a gold tiered agency as that just contributes to what already comes across as a system meant to nudge agencies toward gaming the system so as to rank as gold tiered.

I personally was against the idea of Gold, Silver and Bronze as the names for the different tiers as they just imply First best, Second best, Third best…when in reality they are more related to Large, Medium, Small which would just be a better way for clients to understand the way agencies are tiered.


We always try to include one Gold agency partner in the top three matches… This is why you might see a Gold agency in your match results even if you selected freelancer.

Given the intention was to provide a quality match, this seems flawed. I tried to seek a freelancer and the top recommendation was an agency of 4 developers.

We created this new system with the intention to…provide more inclusivity toward agencies of all sizes.

They’re good intentions, but the tier system isn’t inclusive of small agencies; it’s hard for small agencies to get attention, even though they may be at least as experienced/skilled as larger ones. That seems unfair and not very “Bubble”.

It would be fairer to divide Revenue Contribution by the number of developer seats that an agency has.

@grace.hong @theo.goldberg

I second this. You could even argue that keeping a client in the ecosystem is potentially more valuable than initiating them, since you’re helping Bubble prevent churn.

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I know you’re just the messenger here so please don’t take any criticism of this personally!

Fundamentally it doesn’t seem to make sense for Bubble to be pushing ‘Gold’ agencies by force. They are not ‘the best’. The horror stories I’ve heard from some of these Gold agencies, and the horror apps I’ve seen from clients that come to me for an audit (two immediately come to mind, and many people here will know who they are).

As @boston85719 says, Agency tiers are small, medium, and large. Pushing this arbitrary large agency every time only widens the gap between the small and large agencies. Like, come on, if I’m looking for a freelancer, why give me the huge agency!

The biggest problem with finding competent Bubble developers for clients is they are non-technical and don’t know how to do their due diligence. If Bubble wants to make the experience of spending money in Bubble better, Bubble should do their due diligence by providing agency ratings based on a combination of objective app quality, client reviews, price, etc… though I’m sure additional certifications are being worked on.

Now I know that the business case for Bubble x Large Agencies is strong - clients spend more with large agencies → more willing to pay more → go on an enterprise plan. That’s great for Bubble and I get it, but it’s not great for the clients who aren’t getting the best value as they’ve been given something that they didn’t ask for (a mega-team), and they’re paying more than they need to.

I’m fortunate that I’m not competing on the RFP platform as clients generally come to me which is great, but I know that if I was, my clients would have a large agency shown to them and possibly go to them just because ‘Gold’, even though what they were actually looking for is communication with a small team/directly with the developer and a lean model, which is my value add over the mega-agencies.

Don’t get me wrong, the RFP system had to change and the changes are really quite good, but even though you’re more likely to win each match bid, you’re it’s working in favour of the mega-agencies more than before (because mega-agencies will make up 33% of the applicant pool, versus like 5% before.


The BS story that the lead is gonna be more keen to buy if there are fewer agencies reaching out is plain BS.

If someone is terminated to build something, they are gonna chat with the people who sent the best proposals.

The old system gave us the opportunity to equally compete and let the best quote/proposal win.

Literally the same way Upwork works, and they are the best in this, that’s why they have so many users.

And now here what Bubble is doing is “shooing” small users away, and they gonna be left with 3/4 gold agencies, because there is not a single freelancer agency that will ever be the top one pick.

And now all the clients coming to find the Agency, it’s gonna be air dev and rapid dev in circles.

Anyway, I hope bubble is gonna give this a test for a month or 2 and realize how dumb of an idea this was once they see how much money they will lose after all the smaller agencies cancel their subscription.

Bubble please, let us compete against each other and instead of punishing us, try to get more harsh criteria for the leads, and prove the lead quality that way, not giving them fewer options.